Sick, Twisted, Psycho, Deranged

by Mondo Gecko

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Scammers 01:35
Scammers Third world desperation Is money on the table Out of law school Well trained manipulators Retards - Idiots - Gamblers Trapped by the mind controlling scammers Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds - Scam Everyone! Take the money and run
Exploding Arms Pumping iron up and down Filthy needles in and out The needle is your friend It does no harm Ten times stronger than what you are Muscles ripping Fountains of blood Nauseous and dizzy Delusional and numb Your biceps are falling apart 60 Reps! Pump it hard! Go! Exploding veins! Exploding arms!
Extremist 00:27
Extremist Extremist! Out of proportions Extremist! Out of emotions Extremist! All the same thing Left or right it makes no difference You hate the world - hate yourself Wish you were never born Wish you never had to stick your hand deep in shit
Selfish Pig 00:27
Selfish Pig Careless and selfish You think you've seen everything 'Cause you reached age 21 Everything's been said Everything's been done Now done with considering others’ needs You were taught to be a pig
Hunting The Gecko Hunting the gecko all day The second you catch him he slips right away All the things you wanted That you'll never get This lizard - controlling your head Spitting blood Day in day out Mondo gecko will piss on your grave An alliance of demons Bonded by blasphemous veins Swirling in the system Preparing for more mind games The second you catch him he slips right away
Demonize the system Demonize the system Victimize yourself Show them all of your weaknesses so they can push you around Trust no one You choose to be a victim You choose to be oppressed Demonize the system Victimize yourself All alone in this fucked up world Hungry, angry, poor and miserable
True Heritage Of Hatred And Betrayal I refuse to be a pig Walk your path of manipulation You were born straight into The true heritage of hatred and betrayal Liar! Traitor! Backstabber! Two faced thief!
God's Drug 01:33
God's Drug Needles full of shame Straight into your veins Inside your bloodstream Contaminating every membrane It's a psychoactive drug Made to destroy you Make you lose your confidence Make you feel no use No skull - No brain No active cells left Slowly vanish from the face of earth Thrown on the streets like a piece of shit A Mutant - A Freak - A Monster
Grieve, Dwell - Rot In Your Own Hell Grieve, Dwell - Rot in your own hell Hell is a state of mind - your life loses value Have a look inside -It's blurry and hollow Every person on this planet creates his own hell It's this dark place you reach when there's no energy left In times of heavy crisis Your future seems so blank You grieve and dwell then rot in hell Then you go insane
Snap Out Of It You can't take me Into your world of negativity Give me an electric shock Spare me from your misery Snap out of it Before it all goes down the drain Crawl out of the abyss Your demons don't exist Snap out of it Rearrange your brain Before you go insane Don't live your life in vain
Homeless War Veteran Face first to the floor - Knocked out cold Homeless war veteran Hungry for violence - Trying to stay fit Number one soldiers never quit A rotten piece of meat with nothing to brag about You're just another homeless war veteran No one is watching your back
It's Sudden Death You take an idea - exploit it to the max Abuse the intentions you had at first Get swallowed into an ordinary life Living a lifestyle you tried to avoid It's sudden death - Fast and painless It could take a lifetime To make one good decision But all you need is one day to destroy everything Shut all of your doors Burn all of your bridges Leave your life behind It's sudden death
Colombian Prison Death and scum Piss and shit Evil minds - Evil deeds I'd rather rot in a Colombian prison Then spending another day in this shithole The panic attacks Turn me into a psycho maniac The media is driving me insane Massive chest pain
Cult Nation 01:13
Cult Nation We based our nation on friendship and love Everyone together raping the world The strong and the evil that live within us Are building the caskets of the weak and numb Dark, primitive nation We are god's mutations Gather in groups lurk on the weak Make them beg Make them kiss your feet
Pervert 00:44
Pervert Master of perverts Morbid intentions Peeping into your soul Not charismatic at all Pervert Rejected by society Devouring your privacy Morbid - Defect Peeping - Defect Pervert - Defect He rapes with his eyes And thinks with his dick Obsessed with his self destructive cravings Sick and lonely motherfucker!
Concept Band 00:25
Concept Band We're in love with an idea We'll put it above what we really feel Close to perfection - We're close to perfection So close to perfection - We're going to kill it We're too good for this scene We're just a bunch of salty artists Tainted by failure and greed
Mummified 01:32
Mummified I can't speak I can't see I'm tangled inside Mummified They think I'm no use They curse - They abuse I'm tangled inside Mummified Sick Twisted Psycho Deranged
Odd Cadaver 02:45
Odd Cadaver I suck the life out of you With my voodoo techniques I'm in control over your soul I could never Odd cadaver


'Sick, Twisted, Psycho, Deranged' was Written & Produced by Mondo Gecko

All instruments recorded by Liron Schaffer at Bardo Studio's, Ramat Gan, Israel
Vocals recorded by Eli Pikover at I-Scream Studio's, Ramat Gan, Israel
Mixed & Mastered by Jamie McMann in California, USA
Artwork by Robin Wiberg


released September 21, 2017

Co-Released by:

Stanley Electronics (IL)
Twintoe Records (DE)
Crapoulet Records (FR)
Ffud Records (SK)

Mondo Gecko Will Piss On Your Grave!


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Mondo Gecko Israel

Mondo Gecko Will Piss On Your Grave!

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